It doesn't matter if the blockage is at a sink, toilet, a line under the house or across the yard, Krueger Plumbing & Mechanical has the means to find and remove practically any obstruction or flow issue. We use a variety of specialty tools and drain cleaning machines to accomplish this; wi-fi enabled pipe locators, sondes, video cameras, closet augers, steel banding, kinetic rams, mechanized guns, pressurized wands, and medium drain cleaners to name a few. We even have a heavy machine that will rooter 3" to 8" diameter lines up to 400 feet long.

We've carefully selected our equipment so that it can be effectively used indoors and not damage your walls or flooring. Krueger Plumbing & Mechanical is the only contractor that offers 15 amp indoor water jetting to wash away years of build up or sediment in your pipes.

Tubular & Piping

The chrome plated piping under your sink is called "tubular." Unlike many contractors who use only 24 gauge pipe (the higher the gauge number the thinner the pipe wall), Krueger Plumbing & Mechanical uses heavy bodied 17 gauge tubular as often as possible. This thicker pipe lasts longer, looks better, and produces a superior fit compared to 24 gauge materials. Best of all we do this at a price comparable to contractors using the lighter weight gauge. For customers who prefer plastic, we offer plastic tubular that out performs the products available through home improvement retailers.  

Our high standard for drain materials is not limited to tubular. While many plumbing contractors use "foam core" PVC or black ABS pipe to improve their profits on drain and sewer work, Krueger Plumbing & Mechanical chooses solid core PVC for drain, waste, and vent applications. This pipe is a bit more expensive for us, but the stiffer, denser PVC resists sagging/flexing that may later result in drain problems.